Edit: You fuckers are still visiting this website. PleaseĀ email me. I’m genuinely curious about why there is, to date this month, over 1,000 visitors to this website. Are you enthralled by the three posts I have up? I don’t understand.

So I’m not sure the direction of where I want to take this website.

I looked up the stats for this website…and it’s interesting. So far this month, writing as of the 15th of February, this website has had 483 unique visitors. But the question is: who the fuck are all of you?

Did you find one of my three other articles about it? I have my own knowledge of SEO (in fact, that’s what my company mainly does), and this website is not ranking for any keywords. Meaning, unless someone types in my website by the proper domain (hoffman.is), you will not be able to find it.

Again, I repeat the question: who the fuck are all of you? If you’re one of the ones who actually got here somehow, please email me. Like seriously. I just want to know. Most of the visits are under 30 seconds, and then they drop off. I’m kinda tempted to run more in-depth analytics for this site, just to see how and why people are finding me.

Anyways, let’s continue. That whole tirade actually had something to do with this website. Like I was saying, I have a background in Search Engine Optimization — so I can basically rank any website on Google for whatever the hell I want. If I want a website that ranks for underwater basket weaving (whatever the fuck that is), I can do it. And this website already has juice to it — just a little bit more and then I’ll be good to go.

But I’m not sure the direction I want to take this. Do I want this to be more personal, with actual content about my life? Or something that’s more business oriented and talks about my endeavors (big word, I know)?

I’m leaning towards more on the business side. I figure I can eventually monetize this, and have it as a backdrop to more business lessons to those just starting out. In that case, I’m gonna rename this site to ‘Business Shit’. I like to curse, so figured I’d mold the site into my personality a bit.

I’ve recently been thinking about other businesses. I’m still going to pursue my current, digital marketing business, full-time. But I’d like to start increasing my portfolio. I’ve gone into researching about buying businesses for as little money down as possible. I figure if I can acquire a service based business, I can absolutely crush all my competition. Solely because of my online advertising experience. I can get leads for as cheap as $20 a month — with an investment of probably around $400 or so at the very beginning. After that, I’d be the guy people are calling.

I figure I can negotiate my way in, say hey, I’ll clear your debts, and provide you a return that would’ve been bigger if someone purchased your business through cash or other financing means.

I’m gonna start researching this — because I believe it’s going to be one hell of a sales pitch I’ll have to deliver. But I’ll keep this site updated, and we will go from there.

Anyways, this rounds off my yearly writing. I’ll post when I feel like it, because I’m an asshole who can’t deliver on time.