I find it funny how everyone on /r/sandersforpresident thinks that he’s gonna win the presidency, or even the primaries.

I was a supporter for Bernie in 2016, but when he dropped out, I voted for Trump. I was somewhat active on the Bernie subreddit, but I’m starting to watch his subreddit again as more and more posts hit the front page.

Bernie is popular, or was popular, among young liberals. States like California, Vermont, New York, he’s insanely popular. But I want you to see the fact that these are all extremely liberal states — they all have been for a very long time.

But /r/sandersforpresident isĀ convincedĀ he’s God. I have seen post after post, saying that he’s gonna win the primaries. I mean, come on. Let’s take a look at Real Clear Politics. It’s been well-known for being fairly unbiased, as it shows all available, and credible polls.

Since January 1st, exactly two weeks ago today, Bernie has come above Biden in exactly 4 out of 19 polls. So about a 21% chance he comes out ahead of Biden. But no no no, /r/sandersforpresident says all of these independent, and credible polls, are 100% false. They’re getting to the point where they say Trump-level lies.

In 2016, before he dropped out, I would’ve voted for Bernie. So to all the naysayers, I’m not anti-democrat or anti-Bernie. Now, I don’t feel like he’s in a good position. I do credit him for the fact that the Democrat party is having a resurgence — and a progressive one at that.

If a Democrat somehow wins this year, I believe that will be because of Sander’s effects. He forced the Democrats to be more progressive, and pretty much came out of 2016 with it’s past youth and glory.

If Trump wins again (who I’m yet to know if I will re-vote for him until the Democratic primaries are over,) the Democrats will face a huge problem, just like they did in 2016. If and when Trump wins, he will take a big chunk of the House with him, and gain even more seats in the Senate.

I believe it was Warren who said it — the impeachment was a great thing for Trump. It re-affirms his base, and once he’s acquitted, he will be in good shape with independents and people in the middle.

We’ll see what happens.


…also, I need to start writing more. Interesting things have come around, and I already broke my goal of one article a week. Woops.