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Where to Go

Edit: You fuckers are still visiting this website. Please email me. I’m genuinely curious about why there is, to date this month, over 1,000 visitors to this website. Are you enthralled by the three posts I have up? I don’t understand.

So I’m not sure the direction of where I want to take this website.

I looked up the stats for this website…and it’s interesting. So far this month, writing as of the 15th of February, this website has had 483 unique visitors. But the question is: who the fuck are all of you?

Did you find one of my three other articles about it? I have my own knowledge of SEO (in fact, that’s what my company mainly does), and this website is not ranking for any keywords. Meaning, unless someone types in my website by the proper domain (, you will not be able to find it.

Again, I repeat the question: who the fuck are all of you? If you’re one of the ones who actually got here somehow, please email me. Like seriously. I just want to know. Most of the visits are under 30 seconds, and then they drop off. I’m kinda tempted to run more in-depth analytics for this site, just to see how and why people are finding me.

Anyways, let’s continue. That whole tirade actually had something to do with this website. Like I was saying, I have a background in Search Engine Optimization — so I can basically rank any website on Google for whatever the hell I want. If I want a website that ranks for underwater basket weaving (whatever the fuck that is), I can do it. And this website already has juice to it — just a little bit more and then I’ll be good to go.

But I’m not sure the direction I want to take this. Do I want this to be more personal, with actual content about my life? Or something that’s more business oriented and talks about my endeavors (big word, I know)?

I’m leaning towards more on the business side. I figure I can eventually monetize this, and have it as a backdrop to more business lessons to those just starting out. In that case, I’m gonna rename this site to ‘Business Shit’. I like to curse, so figured I’d mold the site into my personality a bit.

I’ve recently been thinking about other businesses. I’m still going to pursue my current, digital marketing business, full-time. But I’d like to start increasing my portfolio. I’ve gone into researching about buying businesses for as little money down as possible. I figure if I can acquire a service based business, I can absolutely crush all my competition. Solely because of my online advertising experience. I can get leads for as cheap as $20 a month — with an investment of probably around $400 or so at the very beginning. After that, I’d be the guy people are calling.

I figure I can negotiate my way in, say hey, I’ll clear your debts, and provide you a return that would’ve been bigger if someone purchased your business through cash or other financing means.

I’m gonna start researching this — because I believe it’s going to be one hell of a sales pitch I’ll have to deliver. But I’ll keep this site updated, and we will go from there.

Anyways, this rounds off my yearly writing. I’ll post when I feel like it, because I’m an asshole who can’t deliver on time.


I find it funny how everyone on /r/sandersforpresident thinks that he’s gonna win the presidency, or even the primaries.

I was a supporter for Bernie in 2016, but when he dropped out, I voted for Trump. I was somewhat active on the Bernie subreddit, but I’m starting to watch his subreddit again as more and more posts hit the front page.

Bernie is popular, or was popular, among young liberals. States like California, Vermont, New York, he’s insanely popular. But I want you to see the fact that these are all extremely liberal states — they all have been for a very long time.

But /r/sandersforpresident is convinced he’s God. I have seen post after post, saying that he’s gonna win the primaries. I mean, come on. Let’s take a look at Real Clear Politics. It’s been well-known for being fairly unbiased, as it shows all available, and credible polls.

Since January 1st, exactly two weeks ago today, Bernie has come above Biden in exactly 4 out of 19 polls. So about a 21% chance he comes out ahead of Biden. But no no no, /r/sandersforpresident says all of these independent, and credible polls, are 100% false. They’re getting to the point where they say Trump-level lies.

In 2016, before he dropped out, I would’ve voted for Bernie. So to all the naysayers, I’m not anti-democrat or anti-Bernie. Now, I don’t feel like he’s in a good position. I do credit him for the fact that the Democrat party is having a resurgence — and a progressive one at that.

If a Democrat somehow wins this year, I believe that will be because of Sander’s effects. He forced the Democrats to be more progressive, and pretty much came out of 2016 with it’s past youth and glory.

If Trump wins again (who I’m yet to know if I will re-vote for him until the Democratic primaries are over,) the Democrats will face a huge problem, just like they did in 2016. If and when Trump wins, he will take a big chunk of the House with him, and gain even more seats in the Senate.

I believe it was Warren who said it — the impeachment was a great thing for Trump. It re-affirms his base, and once he’s acquitted, he will be in good shape with independents and people in the middle.

We’ll see what happens.


…also, I need to start writing more. Interesting things have come around, and I already broke my goal of one article a week. Woops.


I wanted to have a theme for everything I posted on here. But that’s pretty damn hard. How do you expect me to keep a theme on something, for the entire post, one day a week? That’s why I could never write essays in school — how do you expect someone to write 5 pages on one topic? I could never understand that. There’s only so much shit you could say about it, except if you’re writing about some science shit, that has a meaning for every other meaning.

Regardless, here is your regularly scheduled post. My birthday was this weekend — 21. It was fun. I went out with people I consider friends, and I got a little too drunk. But that’s what you do when you turn 21, right?

Other than that, I still feel the same. Nothing life changing has happened. I still sit here, alone, every day without a written plan. No idea on what to do that day. I always felt like I had an addictive personality. I don’t think alcohol will be one of those things, but when I worked in real estate, my office was pretty much full of alcoholics. No kidding.

When I came into my old office, one of my more closer coworkers (if you can call them that) had slipped some scotch in his coffee. Just a normal day, I guess. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this — I never do. Feel free to comment about my excessive use of the em dash.

I guess I should talk about last week. Despite my affirmations, I did not work like a madman. I procrastinated, I got lazy, I lost motivation. And that seems to be a reoccurring theme of mine, no matter what I do. When I was 16, I worked at a grocery store. I use to love going there everyday, afterall, it’s where I knew and talked to the most amount of people. I’ve always bonded more with people that I work with then people I knew through other means. Maybe it’s because I see them all day, 5 days a week. Other people, you see them what…once a week at best? After a while, I lost motivation. I didn’t want to go to a place where I once loved to go. My lack of progress in things I do seems to be my main problem.

If I don’t get immediate satisfaction from something, I lose interest. I think I even talked about this in last week’s post. It’s a big problem of mine, and I’m not sure why that is.

It’s been about 5 minutes since I wrote that last paragraph. See, this is my biggest problem. I run out of things to say, then my brain moves onto thinking about something else and then I get distracted. I’m pretty sure I have ADHD. But, alas ladies and gentlemen, doctors are too expensive. Thanks Congress. Or America as a whole. I don’t know who to blame, but it’s still kinda fucked up.

I got back into investing a little bit. Just on the sidelines, of course. When I first started out investing, I think I got an average return of 12%. Which is pretty damn good. For a college dropout, who’s only learned by podcasts and random YouTube videos, I felt that was pretty good. Of course at the end of it, I took a loss, just like everything else I do.

I think I’m gonna end this here. I’ve sat here for a long ass time thinking of shit to write about, and I can’t. I’m gonna keep to my schedule of once a week posts. Even this week I managed to come out late — writing this up on Monday morning. Who knows what this week will bring. I hope I do good. There we go, using the word hope again. Fuck my life.